POWER Seeker of the Month - March 2017

Please join us in congratulating Rachel Schechter for being the March POWERSeeker of the Month!

We asked Rachel to answer a few questions so that your can get to know her better.

Here's what she had to say:

Q: Please share a fun fact about you that not everyone knows.
A:  I used to be a singer;)

Q: How has WheelPower helped you to grow as an athlete and have you experienced and changes in your fitness or health working out with us?
A: Not only has wheelpower helped me to lose over 30 lbs and help me towards healthy cholesterol and sugar levels, but it has made me more confident. I look forward to heading to the studio instead of dreading it!!

Q: What do you look forward to most at WheelPower studio?
A: I always look forward to seeing the amazing staff and instructors at wheelpower! Everyone makes you feel comfortable no matter who you are or what fitness level you are at!!

February, 2017 Power Seeker of the Month

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 4.15.57 PM.png


Congratulations to Scott Fenster!


Scott is an early riser and a regular in our 6am POWERides through out the week. Scott's consistent and happy spirit, is inspiring to us all here at WheelPower. Please join us in congratulating Scott, our February POWER Seeker of the Month next time you are in the studio!
We ask Scott to answer a few questions for us and here's what he had to say:

1. What is a fun fact about you that you would like to share with the WheelPower community?  
I love skiing and hiking

2. How has WheelPower helped you to grow as an athlete, and have you experienced changes in your fitness or health working out with us?
I've never found a regular workout I enjoy as much as WheelPower!  My core is stronger and I have much more energy in the mornings now after 6am WheelPower Dawn Patrol!

3.What do you look forward to most at WheelPower Studio?  
Getting my mind and body pumped up for the day thanks to the motivating instructors and great music!

POWER Seeker of the Month -- October, 2016

We are so excited to begin a new feature -- POWER Seeker of the Month. Each month we would like to feature one ATHLETE who embodies what WheelPower is all about, and who has seen results from their workouts. The October POWER Seeker is Liz Adelstein of Northbrook & here are her top 10 reasons why she loves WheelPower!

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love WheelPower

10) It's my happy place.
9) Amazing Staff -- they are fun & knowledgable.
8) The cute guy who works out in the 80s neon headband.
7) You get a class experience with individual attention like a personal trainer.
6) Awesome jams.
5) No judgment -- dance. sing. compete.
4) Kick a$$ swag.
3) My WP couples cult -- shout out to the Cohens, Williams & Kanters.
2) Seeing results -- each week I can see how I'm improving with my results.
1) It's one of a kind & my number one way to sweat!

Congrats to Liz. If you are interested in being a POWER Seeker of the month, stop in at the front desk!

Start Small.

Start Small.

I have always loved fall - both the idea of a new school year and the promise of cooler weather excite me. Every school year always presented a new chance to re-invent yourself, set new goals, make new friends & learn new things. This year, as my son headed to his school's Meet & Greet, his fourth grade teacher asked each child to write their goal for the year on a post-it note and stick it to the room's door. While I love the idea of teaching kids accountability and goal setting early on, I did have one little issue with her challenge. While I hope that all of the kids in my son's class crush their goals for the year, we do have to remember that sometimes smaller is better when it comes to our goals. 

Think about New Year's Resolutions and how quickly we abandon them. Now, think about this. Let's say your goal is to lose 20 pounds. It can be a little daunting to see such a large goal, especially if weight is something you've battled in the past. But by starting with a smaller goal, such as, tracking your food for a week in an app or a journal, you can start to build a little confidence. Once you have the success of the smaller goal under your belt, it will be that much easier to tackle the bigger goals that you have.

So whether it's a goal of making three classes this week, or eating a healthy breakfast every morning this week, let's all start small together and crush our goals!

New week, new goals -- my goals -- to make sure I'm drinking enough water everyday, moving enough (another tip - for fitbit wearers, don't forget that you can manually add your steps after a cycle class, or loop your fitbit through your cycle shoes) and reaching for fruits and veggies first!

Let's crush our [SMALL] goals together!

Habit vs. WillPower

Habit vs. Willpower

You may have realized that our name is a play on words with willpower. Willpower is often defined as the strong determination that allows you to do something difficult, such as exercising, losing weight, or even simply waking up for those 5 amworkouts. Sounds easy, right? Just have a ton of willpower and we can all make awesome changes!

Not so fast...

Today's POWER Pointer touches on the fact that research shows that a change in habit, as opposed to stronger willpower, may just be the key to making lasting positive changes. Forming a new habit is actually stronger and easier than being steadfast in your willpower. And the best part is, if you establish a habit, it can carry you through, even at times when you can't seem to muster your willpower. Just as we fall back into bad habits when our stress-level is high and we have little self-control, we also fall back on GOOD habits.

So, what's the best way to establish a habit? According to Dr. Barry Tigay, Ph.D., founder of Oakland Psychological Clinic, P.C., you can establish a habit in small easy steps, the key is to just be regular and consistent.

For instance, to get into the habit of exercise, the three components should be: frequency, duration and intensity, and they should be prioritized in that order. While some studies show that to turn behavior into an automatic habit, you have to do it at least 20-25 times, Dr. Tigay doesn't even think there is a magic number to make a habit stick. Just the more you do something, at a mildly challenging pace, the stronger the habit will become and the easier it will be to keep doing it.

So think about that, if you transform that "sometimes" cycle class into a regular Sunday 8:30 am cycle class, you are more likely to show up, even when your motivation is shot. Who's ready to start their WheelPower habit?

5 P.O.W.E.R. Hacks to Get Your Workouts In

Workout Hacks.

Now that August is here, between vacations, post camp laundry and back to school prep, it can be easy to skip a workout here or there, or simply just feel like you do not have time to work out. So we created a list of 5 P.O.W.E.R. workout "hacks" to help motivate you & make it easier to get those late summer workouts in!

P - PLAN ahead. Book your workouts at the beginning of the week, just as you would any other appointment. Scheduling your workouts in advance will make you less likely to skip them. Also, plan your workout outfits or pack your bag the night before so you have even less to think about at the time of your workout.

O - workout with OTHERS.Grab a friend for a workout date. Again, working out with friends is great for accountability - no one likes to bail on a friend.

W - WAKE early. By starting your day with a workout you will get it out of the way & have less of a chance to skip it later. This is a great hack if you find you are a workout procrastinator.

E - it's not EVERYTHING or nothing. Even if the day or week has gotten away from you, remember your workouts don't always have to be all or nothing. A 15 minute walk, or simply doing our POWER75 strength add-on, but skipping the cardio after is still better than nothing.

R - REWARD yo'self. Don't forget to treat yourself! Grab a manicure or a fresh juice after class - you deserve it. And go ahead and schedule that reward for yourself, too, so that you can help mentally prepare to start the workout. (Ok, if I just get through all of my workouts this week, I'll treat myself to a new book -- sounds good, right!).

What the What are Watts?

What the What are Watts?

In other words, how do we use the WheelPower Studio bike tech packs? We love our Stages bikes for their smooth ride, but Stages is also known for their indoor cycle consoles. Our instructors give their cues based on your RPM, or speed -- but as you turn your wheel (or switch the lever) and add more tension, you may notice your watts also jump up! So what are watts?  Watts are the unit of measurement used to measure your total power output. Think back to physics class - it's a combination of force times velocity!

In simple terms, watts measure how hard you are working. So if you ramp up your speed, but keep you tension wheel and lever to the left, you watts may not increase that much. Likewise, if your tension wheel or lever are all the way to the right, but you are pedaling at a low RPM, you still may not see much movement in your watts. The beauty of training using watts is that you get immediate feedback on how hard you are working!

So how do you make that POWER number go up? You will need to make sure you are increasing your tension while matching our cues about RPM. 

And here are some other common questions we have gotten about the tech pack.

Q. What stage should I be in?

A. We do the entire ride in Stage 1, so make sure you start on Stage 1 and then never press another button!

Q. Why does my bike say I rode more miles than my email says?

A. Your bike console calculates your mileage from the moment you start pedaling. The email & POWERboard are calculated for only the minutes that the instructor teaches a class (and does not include the cooldown). As a result your bike will show your total distance from the time you got on the bike.